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Off the beaten path

Co Loa is the best place where you can learn about ancient history of Vietnamese. The town is a quiet charming village where people grow rice for a living and full of historical relics: pagodas and temples.

Cycling to Co Loa Citadel

Your trip itinerary:

• 08:00 AM: We will pick you up from your hotel and travel to Bac Bien - the east bank of Red River.

• 08:20 AM: Arrive at the local guide's house - enjoy welcome tea and snacks.

• 08:50 AM: Pedal through Bac Bien village to Duong river and take a local ferry across the river. Begin the real bike trip through local villages, pagodas, local markets.

• 09:50 AM: Stop off at a local “bar” in a village for a rest and drink, & hear the interesting history of the An Duong Vuong Dynasty (over 2,000 years ago).

• Visit An Duong Vuong King Temple, Trong Thuy Prince’s Well, Community’s house. Then, cycle around the remains of the ancient citadel and its beautiful gardens, and through more rice fields and villages. • Enjoy an authentic Vietnamese lunch at a local restaurant.

• Pedal through quiet villages to the dike of the Red River. We reach a local house in the traditional style, and chat with the villagers to learn about their lives and work. Cycling on top of the dike along the Red River, we will see where two great rivers meet. We stop under an old tree by the river for drinks, snacks, and photos before heading back to the ferry and crossing the river again.

• Stop by a local temple on the bank of the Red River. If we’re lucky, we may see a unique ceremony of Vietnamese people, “Len Dong” (going into a trance). Foreigners are fascinated by this unique ceremony!

• Have a drink with a family in the village to know more about their life, and how the village and area are changing.

• Around 16:00 PM, return to the hotel by taxi or car.

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