Travel Tips

About ten years ago, it is not usual to catch sights of any buses moving round the city. Presently, everything has changed significantly as it has seen a dramatically increased popularity of this public transportation.
1. Why people choose buses?
Being asked this question, most people will give you a price-related answer. As far as you know, inflation has imposed negative influence on the price level resulting in the overall pricing rise in all types of goods and services. However, bus fare remained unchanged for such a long time before climbing to 5,000VND per ticket now. Specially, daily commuters, students and the elderly receive a certain discount of monthly bus card, making travelling by bus become more convenient than any other means of transport.
Others also choose buses for safety as well as comfort. On rainy days, nothing is worse than getting stuck on flooded streets in Hanoi. Meanwhile, moving by bus releases you from annoyance caused by rain and gives easier way to head your destination. Similarly, sitting on buses with air-conditioners is the best feeling you may have in the middle of sunny days.
Going by bus also brings various chances to talk and get along well with different sorts of person. You can learn more from some but suffer some bad words from impolite bus users. Above all, on bus is a mini world for you to experience and discover.
2. Major bus routes in Hanoi
Since you are truly a tourist, you absolutely prefer major bus routes leading you to popular tourist attractions around the city. Therefore, keep a bus route map in your pack is always a perfect idea. The following pieces of information are supposed to be pretty helpful for your trip:
- Bus number 01, 02 and 22 may bring you to many famous spots in Hanoi such as Temple of Literature, HoanKiem Lake, Dong Xuan Market or Hanoi Opera House.
- Collect enough information about the bus you want to catch; otherwise, ask the bus driver about what you need to do next.
- Please take care of your own property while on the bus as pick-pocketing is usually targeted at tourists.