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Bars at luxurious hotels
With the rush of construction and development, nowadays it is not so difficult to find a classy place in Hanoi to sit down for a good drink and good atmosphere.  This list intends to reveal some of the best luxurious bars at hi-end hotels in town. There is a spectacular sky view, an island-like bar and the classic club. It is time to get out a bit from sobriety.
Summit Lounge Bar at the Sofitel Plaza
Located on the top 20th floor of the luxurious Sofitel Plaza, the Summit Lounge offers the best par anomic view of the city. Overlooking the two beloved lakes- Truc Bach and Tay Ho, the bar is the best spot in town to watch a sunset dawning on the sparkling water. The ambience is cool and modern while the menu takes pride in more than 80 trendy cocktails and beverages. The price is in the upscale range as usual in every luxury hotel. However, there are some promotion events that you can keep track on its Facebook for a great value night out at weekends. The bar and lounge opens from 4 p.m. until late. If you want more relaxed atmosphere, come early as it usually gets crowded later at night.
Sunset Bar at the West Lake Intercontinental Hotel
If you want to escape the frenzy tune of Hanoi, the Sunset Bar provides just a perfect escape. Looming on the West Lake like a peninsula, the location of Sunset Bar immerses its patrols into the spacious view of water and sky over the West Lake. What is even more interesting to watch is the local person fishing in the West Lake. The decor is committed to expose its Asian tropical ambience. The favorite spot for a medium-sized group is its four-pole lounge with white curtains. You can sit comfortably to play a drinking game with your partners-in-crime. 
Le Club at the Hanoi Sofitel Metropole Legend
At the center of the Old Quarter, the Hanoi Sofitel Metropole Legend which stays not far from the famous Opera House is a charming French colonial structure. The hotel has stood the test of time through the ups and downs of the capital. It does not come as surprise as last year a secret bomb tanker was discovered with the hotel. That may be the reason why the hotel bears a French vibe just like the colonial time.  Le Club is its popular bar which also embraces the same Gallic tradition. Its evenings always keep the beat up with live jazz session. The afternoon is favorite time for any chocolate addicts as there is a chocolate buffet from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. It is easy to socialize with its friendly atmosphere. The sample tasting event is welcome with its tasty dishes. The menu verges more on European cuisines and features classic cocktails from Martini to Long Island Tea. The more local part of the drink menu is Vietnamese famous tea which is still a well-hidden secret from international tea lovers.