What to see

Travelling across the world, it has seen that whatever places, styles or items attached to the famous names are supposed to be more special than others. Moskva University is one of the best choices for students. Peking duck is much tastier than any other duck recipes in the region. Therefore, Hanoi Museum which is named after the capital of Vietnam means its major position in recording every moment of Hanoi. 
Hanoi comprises a wide collection of museums such as Military Museum, Museum of Ethnology, Arts Museum and so on. Still, people remember about this museum thanks to many reasons.
1. A newly construction
Hanoi Museum is just opened since 2010 for Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi and thus it becomes the youngest museum in Hanoi until now. The original one established in 1982 was located in Ham Long, HoanKiem District. The area covers over 50,000 square kilometers and thus stand on the top list of large and modern museums in Vietnam.
2. Unique structure
First-time visitors usually go ‘wow’ when observing the unique structure with their naked eyes. Its shape looks like an inverse pyramid and then it creates growing concern among people about the reason why the construction is solid enough to keep the above parts safe.  
3. Permanent exhibitions
Since its formation, domestic and international tourists take numerous tours there to broaden their background knowledge about the heart of Vietnam. You can find the way to the exhibition of the nature’s history of Hanoi. Another display that may also interest you a lot is the city’s situation from the early stage to the period before August Revolution in 1945. The last topic you can deepen is Hanoi after the national revolution till present. 
It is counted that thousands of artifacts are currently preserved inside the museum. Among them, a big number of antiques such as ancient farming tools or pottery are of great value as they were originally made from Ly, Tran or Le Dynasty. 
To move faster on the way to understand Vietnam’s history and its people, small tours to historical sites like Hanoi Museum does help you a lot. It is not only about retaining past items and significant events, it shows sincere gratitude from young generation to the former heroes and heroines for their great devote.