What to see

During the war in the past, you can not find guns, cannons or bombs; instead, building a strong military base was of great importance which fully helped the Vietnamese in every fierce fight against the enemy. It is evident that these facilities have been still preserved till now, aiming to keep army vestiges and teach later generation to remember their origins.
Co Loa Castle brings you back thousands year far from present when the King An Duong Vuong wrote the very first pages in the history book of our nation. 
1. Mystery
It is a common sense that each historical site hides behind another mysterious legend. As spending time talking with the local, you may be totally fascinated by stories about the Golden Turtle God whose name is attached to a great number of glorious victories. The Turtle God is firmly believed to give the King An Duong Vuong many sound advices on the initial stages of the nation. Since the King successively failed to build the castle, the Turtle came, informed him about a ghost that destroyed the castle and showed him what to do about the situation. Following the Turtle’s guide, the King could not only sweep devils away the nation but also form a solid military base. Although those events are mostly out of question, they reflect Vietnamese people’s trust in hidden power standing beside to support in all cases.
2. Unique architecture
Co Loa Castle is less well-known than other historical relics within the capital; however, it is an absolutely valuable experience for those craving about ancient architecture. In terms of scale and unique features, the ancient castle, according to many researchers, definitely ranks on the top list. It is not its breathtaking beauty that makes you overwhelmingly impressed; instead, the structure with two outer ramparts and a citadel inside is worth deeper consideration. Since it was served for army purposes, many first-time visitors may think of being totally lost in a matrix with no clues about the exit. Also to be found there, numerous artifacts whose origins date back long time ago are carefully preserved.
Co Loa Castle speaks too much about Vietnam society in the past. Therefore, no matter the reason you come here, you may broaden your background knowledge a lot. The castle reveals creative military strategies applied in the national combats, signals a hierarchical system and introduces conventional culture with unique identity.