What to see

National Museum of History is a cultural constructions located in Hoan Kiem district, the center of Hanoi, close to the sacred relics of Tortoise Capital Tower-Sword Lake, The Huc Bridge - Ngoc Son temple-tower Pen and cultural facilities such as the famous Opera House. The museum stores, displays and introduces Vietnam's history from prehistory to the present day in a synthetic style as well as extensive, continuous and comprehensive way.
Founded on the basis of inheriting Museum of Far Northeast EFEO School, with nearly 80 years of history, the Historical Museum is a pretty special architectural and oriental style. Located on a beautiful campus, overlooking Trang Tien Street, the museum has 3 floors, laminated with tiled roofs. The basement, where keeps the most ancient relics, still allows ample daylight from the glass doors. The second floor and third floor have glass cabinets display of ancient relics, medieval and modern: tools, jewelry such as bracelets, rings, earrings ... prehistoric, some vaulted tombs buried book grapefruit brick, pottery, porcelain from the Dinh, Early Le, Ly, Tran, dong Son bronze drum, Ngoc Lu, Yu Bei, Hoang Ha ...
The museum is the public service under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, head of the museum system and social history of Vietnam, with the function of scientific research and excavation archeology, collection, storage, inventory, storage, display, introduce, promote the value of documents and artifacts about the history of Vietnam; training, counseling, assessment, evaluation and management service operators within the scope of the museum activities. The museum is maintaining two systems of display. The one on 1 Trang Tien - Ha Noi has exhibition of history ancient period and medieval. At the 2nd location of 216 Tran Quang Khai - Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, there is exhibition history in Vietnam pre and modern era.
The Historical Museum stores and preserves 200,000 exhibits, cultural and historical materials in Vietnam, including Vietnam historical periods from prehistory to 1945. There are nearly 110,000 documents and artifacts as relics, antiques and 11 national treasures. The collection includes many rare pieces, compared to most of the same types of museums in the country and the region, such as collections from early Paleolithic era to the early bronze age and iron (Hoa Binh-Bac Son), Dong Son culture, ancient pottery glaze in Vietnam, bronze relics in the Le Nguyen era; Champa Sculpture stone; Arts of foreign countries such as China, Japan, India and other countries in Southeast Asia ... There are over 80,000 documents and historical treasures of  Vietnam from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day including relics from Vietnam's revolution, the Communist Party of Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City and the leading comrades leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam over the period.