What to see

This is actually a private villa of one of the most successful Vietnamese contemporary artist. He has spend his whole fortune from selling art on building this model of Viet village in an embrace of art and tradition.  The villa was located at the slope of Day Dieu, HienNinh ward, Soc Son district which is about 30km to the North of Hanoi. 
Here you can surround yourself in a peaceful ambience into the world of art and tranquility. The constellation of structure is a charming mixture of modernity and tradition. The structures has incorporated thousands of art pieces from the ancient dynasties in the Viet land.
The gate to the villa is reminiscent of the ones at ancient villages. The gate includes three door- one main and two minor adorned with the surrounding stone statue and sculpture. You can spot right on the authentic and rustic charm. A fishing pond lies to the right with a small bridge. Meanwhile the other side is an ancient well that was moved to here by the owner. The road through these is of old-time beauty which is tiled by the famous pottery of Bat Trang. 
The most popular destination is the area of three ancient houses of the Northern. The most impressive one is a 200m2 hardwood house in the most typical style. The house was brought here from its original owner who lived in another province. The house is full of intricate details in wood and lacquer. The house is also home to a collection of pottery and lacquer. To the front of the house is a lotus pond, a well and trees. 
Other architectural landmarks of the villa are also breathtaking. The Fall is a five-story water fall next to a standing house. The Fall is actually styled in the shape of a legendary Buddhist pagoda. The Buddha garden is a mediating spot in which you can watch the giant statue of Buddha surrounded by gigantic incense sticks. Here during sunrise or sunset, you can sit down to take a deep breath and wash yourself off the daily life of hustle and bustle. 
A delicate structure in the villa area is a five-story house with arched roof in the pure white. The house is named as the Peaceful Cloud.  Another beauty is the Water House where you can touch the time worn shade of rare wood. 
The best time to visit is around May as the villa is deep in the red shade of phoenix flowers.