Hanoi Streets

Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam, appears delightful and amazingly attractive to tourists in every kind of way. Not only is a source of architecture, the city but also a big store of Vietnamese values which seduces any fan of great Asian culture. Instead of travelling by car or taxi, several visitors come up with walking around the Old Quarter to taste the best headlines of Hanoi. Among ’36 old streets and guilds’, Hang Bac Street, as many people believe, is the most striking of a city tour; therefore, do not throw any chance to be present in this very nice corner.
Hang Bac Street has great closeness to famous streets in the Old Quarter namely as Hang Dao Street, Hang Ngang Street, Hang Bo Street and so on. Originated from Le Dynasty, the street was renowned for a big collection of most talented goldsmiths throughout the country as well as a busy market for merchants. To be found there are different jewelries and accessories made of silver, gold and other metals. Beside favorite items such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, engraved products may attract customers a lot. More stunningly, deepening its long-standing history, you may further understand about this traditional craft developed by the locals. Also, since trading activities grew in frequency, the demand for money accordingly rose, leading to its key role for exchanging money.
Presently, it is not common to see impressive job performed by former celebrated goldsmiths on the streets. You also may opt for money exchange in other parts in the city. Still, Hang Bac Street is an indispensible destination wrapped within every single city tour.  
For more excitement, the following tips uncover common places lining on the streets, matching with your personal schedule and interest, including:
- Kim Ngan Temple is a relic dated back from centuries before. It is most suited for those wishing to dig deep Vietnamese cultural values.
- Hanoi Legacy Hotel at 108 Hang Bac Street is a good option for any tour around the ancient town. The address is pretty close to popular attractions such as HoanKiem Lake, Green Tangerine, Night Market and so on.
- Orchid Restaurant at 25 Hang Bac Street offers customers a wide array of Vietnamese food at an affordable price. Besides, Western dishes are available as well.