What to see

Located northwest of West Lake in Lac Long Quan Street, Tay Ho district, West Lake Water Park is a combination of modern entertainment, with the two prime adjoining side and windy West Lake area of 64.203m ².
In operation since 2000, with the motto "A thought for the whole community and for the benefit of our customers," the park has increasingly diversified products. In addition to the water park of international standard with the chute system, wave pool, float the river, water play area for children, many modern games and thrills are also designed such as Octopus swing, helicopter swings, giant ferries wheel, train travel in the air, amusement parks for children ...
The Water park has water filtration system according to European standards. These are some of the games:
Huge black pipe
Multi-lane road (6 lanes)
Two road adventure (spin gap)
Two highway
Two spiral "turns" Red - Yellow
Lazy River
Small chute (for children)
Large chute (for children)
Water Castle
The children amusement park opened on July 2, 2000 with an area of 2.9 ha. The park has 19 games mostly for children, including
Thang Long Steel Dragon
Swing Octopus
Giant Swing
Boat shake
Car crash
Swing torque
Swing shrouds
Virtual reality-movies
Boat crash
The ball
Motorized self drive
Castle game
Inside the water park, there is also KinderPark designed specifically for kids from 6 months to 12 years old. With the fairy-tale castle, the baby will feel like entering the magical world with the coils, high jump on canvas, swim in the ball pools, or when crawling, climbing in uninterrupted game system ... The child from one to 3 years old can play ball pools, slides, swings, seesaw ... The tiny city includes hospitals, supermarkets, fire, police, library, nursery, bakery, hair salon, small theater ... designed according to American standards will allow children to have enough information and social skills from an early age. Children will have hours to imagine in their own city. This new type of entertainment is needed for children to develop social and life skills learned in childhood Asia. There are also many other section within the Kinder Park that will be exciting for both parents and children alike.
In an effort to improve service performance, the park also focuses on catering services. Apart from popular chain restaurants to high-end, such as Cau Hoa that serves customers primarily from corporations or Sailor European -style restaurant, there is also has a system of fast-food counters and food, beverage and diverse staff professionally trained to satisfy the increasing demand of tourists.