What to see

Tay Ho temple is located at a peninsula of Nghi Tam village, 4km west of centre Hanoi. The temple worships Ms. Princess Lieu Hanh, one of the immortality quartet of Vietnam (Son Tinh, Thanh Giong, Chu Dong Tu, Lieu Hanh). Legend has it that she is Quynh Hoa - second daughter of the Jade Emperor, banished to earth for the crime of breaking glass jewel. Down to earth, she traveled, exploring all parts. Across the island of West Lake, she discovered this holy land. She decided to open up shop and lived here. She helped people to settle, eradicate evil, and punish bribery. Under the Nguyen dynasty, she was named ‘Mau Nghi Thien Ha”, being one of the four gods "Immortals Quartet" of Vietnam.
According to legend, Phu Tay Ho is where the second reunion of Princess Lieu Hanh and Phung Khac Khoan happened. One time cruising along the west lake, Phung Khac Khoan felt in love with the beauty of the place and decided to stop. He met Princess Lieu Hanh who joined him to make the poem ‘West Lake senses”. When he returned, she could no longer be found. He founded this temple in memory of the Princess. 
Tay Ho Temple relics are abundant in volume and a value of history, culture and art of the nineteenth century, as well as the twentieth such as the 300 round statues, diaphragm, sentences ... Best features is the writing "Thien Tien Trac Giang” (descending fairy) and horizontal picture in the same subject: "Mau Nghi Thien Ha" (as the mother of the whole world).
Most notably in the temple, the are three goddess statues placed parallel: Mau Thuong Ngan is the statue wearing green represents the forest, where old people live in the tubers; Mau Thoai (water) is the statue dressed in white, symbolizing water; Mau Dia is the wearing of gold, symbolizing the earth. These 3 goddess explains the evolution of Vietnamese residents, from forests, rivers and streams to lowland paddy field.
On the occasion of the spring festival, visitors flock to this usually very crowded place, along with the blessing ceremony, they also enjoy the scenic West Lake. This is to remember Princess Lieu Hanh. Considered sacred, people come to worship and pray, for fortune, especially on 3rd March and August 13th lunar calendar. Phu Tay Ho has been granted by the Ministry of Cultural as Relics of cultural history on 02/13/1996.