What to see

In order to learn about Vietnamese Culture, one may choose to be surrounded by a pile of history books or spend successive days at home watching a wide collection of documentaries. To move faster, others decide to head straight to common places like Thang Long Puppetry Theater (also called Thang Long Water Puppet Theater) to get better visualization of past routines and events in the country.
Since its establishment in 1969, Thang Long Puppetry Theater is the place where characters and their stories generate big excitement for both domestic and overseas audiences.
1. Create a new way to experience the Vietnamese’s life
You can enjoy puppet shows in various kinds, but most of them tell about unforgettable marks in the early national foundation or merely Vietnamese daily activities which are closely linked to a long-standing spiritual life. It is not usual to see those costumes, those farming tools and even some speeches in modern life. Therefore, if you are in love with this land, enjoying puppetry art appears a preferable way to satisfy your trying to understand the locality. Additionally, thanks to perfect accompaniment on the performance, it turns out to be a golden opportunity to learn further about traditional Vietnamese music.
2. Keep Vietnamese core values
While the Vietnamese, especially the young are making every effort to catch up with high-speed changes, puppetry artists are demonstrating even greater determination to keep core values; thus, Thang Long Theater is a truly asset of the whole country. Water puppet performances can not copied or transferred into any different form of art existing in the entire world as it is originally created and developed by the Vietnamese.
3. Brings Vietnam to the outside world
Besides catering for the local and tourists, Thang Long Theater has introduced this distinctive kind of art to other countries in the globe. Artists also attended International Arts Festival in Asia, Europe, Australia and Latin America. Being warmly welcomed and high appreciated by audiences, the puppetry greatly contributes to bring the image of Vietnam beyond our border.
With 365 performing days, Thang Long Puppetry Theater is a big party not only for eyes but also for hearts. All shows keep you away from usual brilliant neon-light and get closer to super-familiar things in life.