What to eat

1. Bun cha Hang Manh
Ideally located at 1 Hang Manh Street, the restaurant does not impress customers greatly at a glance. Only when you have chance to taste the favorite dish there did you believe in people’s compliments on this little corner. Soon after you order, a bowl of broth with the grilled pork meat balls and floating slices of green papaya and carrot is put in front of you. Like you, many people are totally surprised by a big plate served here. Therefore, it is better to call one portion for two; otherwise, it is hard for you to leave your seat with full tummy. The price of 60,000VND for such large portion is considered relatively.
2. Cha Ca La Vong
“Cha Ca La Vong” is both the name of a specialty and a famous eatery positioned at 14 Cha Ca Street. Compared to other street food restaurants, Cha Ca La Vong is set in a more formal place with staff standing ready beside the table. The only dish in the menu is Cha Ca (grilled fish pies). Normally, customers are supposed to make their own pot by adding fish fillets, herbs and favorite flavors. However, you can ask the staff for help to have a better pot. The fixed price is 150,000 VND for each person. 
3. Fruit salad on Ba Trieu Street
In the evening, 24B Ba Trieu Street is always full with people from different parts in the city coming to try fruit salad, in particular jackfruit with yogurt. If you are a fan of fruit, there are more choices available for you. “Tran chau” seeds and coconut milk are believed to make its taste unforgettable. Presently, a bowl of fruit salad is charged at 20,000VND.
4. Bun dau Hang Khay
Bun dau is simply a winning combination of rice noodle, crispy tofu and shrimp paste. The dish can be found in every corner around the city. The restaurant is located at the end of a very small alley on Hang Khay Street, so people start to call it by this name. The menu is more varied with grilled pork pies or steamed pork. You should go to the restaurant in the afternoon to avoid awaiting too long during lunch time.
5. Pho Ly Quoc Su
To backpackers familiar with Hanoi, Pho Ly Quoc Su is always one of their very first recommendations. The restaurant has recently moved opposite to 33 Nha Chung Street. Thanks to excellent quality recognized by a large number of the local and tourists, the restaurant is pretty worth your visit. In addition to tasting a traditional food in Vietnam, you also get more accessible to elegance and gentleness of Hanoi in the restaurant.