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Habeco is a company majoring in Manufacturing Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks and Packaging, Export Import of raw materials, supplies, equipment, parts, accessories, chemicals, medical services technology, investment consulting, investment resources, the organization of materials, real estate, services and other statutory sectors.
The predecessor of the HABECO Corporation is the Hommel Brewery with 30 employees, by a Frenchman named Hommel founded in 1890 with the aim of serving the French crusaders. In 1954, the North was completely liberated, the French army retreated, dismantling the entire machine Hommel brewery, leaving it in a state of disrepair. In 1957 the brewery was restored under the economic recovery policies of the government and renamed Hanoi Brewery.
May 1, 1958, the first batch of beer test is done successfully by Mr. Vu Van Boc - a skilled worker from the old Hommel brewery combined with a little help from the beer experts of Czech Republic. August 15, 1958, the first beer of Vietnam branded Truc Bach was born, marking a major turning point in the brewing industry in Vietnam. Also from here, August 15 become annual day for HABECO Corporation. 
In 1993, the Hanoi Brewery had a paradigm shift in operation, renamed Hanoi Beer Company and boosted the innovation process equipment to raise capacity to 50 million liters / year. In 2001, the company implemented projects to raise capacity to 100 million liters / year.
After being transferred to the State Corporation in 2003, a turning point in the expansion of international cooperation was made when the corporation signed a strategic partnership with Carlsberg Group beer in 2007.
June 16, 2008, the company officially works as a shares corporation named Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (Habeco). In 2010, with the completion of the construction project of brewery capacity of 200 million liters / year in Me Linh District, Hanoi, the complete most modern in Southeast Asia equipment systems has given the Corporation capacity of 400 million liters of beer / year. HABECO becomes one of the 2 biggest corporations of beer producer in Vietnam. 
Currently, the Corporation has 25 member companies, with key products are Draught Hanoi, Hanoi Beer Bottle 450ml Red label, HANOI BEER Premium, Hanoi Beer blue label 450ml, Hanoi Beer cans, beer Truc Bach, Hanoi Liquor. The average growth rate in recent years is an average of 20%. Average revenue increases 30%each year. Profit increases 12% per year on average.