What to eat

If you are seeking for top restaurants around the world, Hanoi is not highly recommended. However, for those having huge crush on street food, Hanoi is undeniably a paradise.
1. At a glance
“Balance” is the term commonly seen in Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese try to bring that idea into their cuisines through efforts to balance food nutrition and flavors. Any dish should guarantee a winning combination of different vitamins beneficial for people’s health. Also, the flavor keeps the harmony between the outer and inner parts.
Street food is an exciting corner in Vietnamese culinary culture. People do not focus too much on decoration but ingredients and taste dominate other factors. Unlike tasty dishes to be served in top restaurants, street food is enjoyed in much familiar spots which is believed to create cozy and friendly atmosphere for every customer.
2. Where to find street food?
You can find street food in any corners or street around the city. Eating in little restaurants, even on the path becomes a Vietnamese undistinguishable habit. People can gather around a vendor to take some food; otherwise, they choose to sit on stools to eat. According to Vietnamese beliefs, they just want to open a small business to earn living for their family.
The most well-known streets for this type of food are Ta Hien Street, Thanh Nghi Street, Thuy Khue Street, areas close to universities or markets and so forth.
3. Most favorite street food in Hanoi
People say that a tour to Hanoi can not be accomplished without trying some street food. Indeed, there is an endless list of street food that can not be ignored. In the morning, the most favorite food is Pho. Pho is named after its ingredients, for example Pho Bo (rice noodle with beef), Pho Ga (rice noodle with chicken). This dish is put into a large bowl of noodle and meat and then simply served with hot soup. Depending on personal taste, one may add lemon, garlic and hot chilly into their portion. After Pho, Bun Cha is a perfect choice for lunch. Vermicelli and sauce are served separately. The sauce is an interesting combination of pork meatball, fish sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, papaya cut into slides and grated garlic. In the evening, Trang Tien ice cream and coffee are more favorable. 
It takes you a lot of time to taste all kinds of street food around the city. Therefore, once seizing the chance to come to my country, keep your stomach well-prepared to give a try to those wonderful food.