What to see

Address: Ba Trieu Street
If you are looking for a place to shop and shop  hi-end goods in Hanoi. Vincom Tower is the way to go to.  Standing on Ba Trieu Street, Vincom Tower is right at the centre of the commercial area in Hanoi. The tower boasts of its modern 21 stories. By the time of its completion, Vincom Tower was the tallest twin tower in Hanoi. At the moment, the record has been beaten but Vincom Tower remains the popular choice among hip and cool youngsters. 
The architecture of the tower has been smartly designed  for visitors to move around and shop.  The two twin towers are linked together by an air bridge to make your shopping experience smoother. There are actually three towers in the complex- tower A, tower B and tower C. The tower A and B are the twin.  While, the tower C was only added in 2009.  
The most popular spot in the shopping centre is the Vincom Mega Star Cinema.  They have late night shifts so that you can watch the blockbusters or romantic movies until 1 a.m. Their popcorns are genuinely tasty. The movie spots are frequented by teenagers and expats in Hanoi as their English movies usually are not dubbed in Vietnamese.  So this is a good choice for you who happen to be in town when your favorite movie has hit the box office. 
The Vincom A and The Vincom B tower share the same structure. The basement B1 is for motorbike parking, the B2 is for car parking. The first floor is occupied by international brands of shoes, accessories, cosmestics, and jewelry. You can find more clothes and accessories on the second floor. The third floor is home to a supermarket, stationery, furniture and household appliances shops. The fourth floor is where you can find electronic appliances and real estate offices. If you feel hungry, let skip for the fifth floor with many restaurants of global cuisines. The famous Mega Star cinema occupies the sixth floor. 
The Vincom C offers more choice for you to shop. There are many brands of accessories and menswear. The fourth floor is for mother and kid fashion. You can also take their kids to the entertainment corner on the fifth floor. In the mood for a leisure time, you can land on the sixth floor for the beauty spa of Vincharm where you can have a spa or a fitness class.