What to see

Travelling around the world, you can enjoy thousands of rivers of different history, different length and different significance to the locality. A tour to England can not be fully accomplished without seeing Thames with naked eyes. Similarly, you should not go home as you have not got chances to capture the breathtaking beauty of Nile River across the capital Cairo of Egypt. Coming to Vietnam, the hometown of various rivers, you will miss one golden opportunity if Red River is crossed out from your to-do list.
1. Red River – multiple names
If there has any competition for the river of multiple names, that Red River holds the first prize is absolutely predictable. People call it Red River as putting much emphasis on its water’s color. Others also mention Nhĩ Hà – Ear-shaped River since they are quite interested in ít unique shape. Or you should be more familiar with Thao River for its upper stretch. Regardless of which name is used, the river is, from generation to generation, a devoted friend to Vietnamese people.
2. Red River – the key element for the development of Vietnam
Viewing from different angles, no one can deny the integral part of Red River in the development of Vietnam. During the initial stage, the Vietnamese’ life was mainly based on growing rice whose irrigation was closely linked to Red River. In addition, the river is regarded as a crucial travel and transportation route to the neighboring China. Then goes with it, Red River helps hydroelectricity power stations to run more smoothly through the harsh dry season. Apparently, it is completely hard to visualize what happen next to the northern of Vietnam without tremendous support from his friend named Red River.
3. Red River – a popular destination for the young
Only those who take the chance to experience Vietnamese life for a long time may discover this exciting thing. The area near Tay Ho District with beautiful images of sand and stones usually attracts a lot of young people who come to take photos and organize cozy parties with their friends. Furthermore, walking along Long Bien Bridge in windy evenings is another way to fully enjoy the quiet charm of the river.
Red River is not merely a natural wide flow of fresh water across the land into the sea. It is personified by the Vietnamese to become a real witness living through the long story of the nation.