What to see

Initiated from the idea to build a luxurious and modern amusement park where you, your family and friends can be allured by the fresh air which seems to change as 4 seasons, the architects have built this wonderland ịn the population of the commercial center and the largest entertainment area in Vietnam. That is Vincom Mega Mall Royal City.
With the entire area of 24,000m2 and 3 basements, this Mega Mall is divided into functional areas with adventurous games, games for family and indoor water park named VinpearlWater Park Royal City.
The park is the first and the only indoor water park in Vietnam, which is comparable to most of the advanced parks over the world. Taking the theme “Tropical Jungle”, Vinpearl water park Royal City brings you an atmosphere uniquely designed with the combination of tropical wild and modern game system imported from Europe and Canada such as twisted tube slide, superfast tube slide, super highway slopes, diving pool, wave pool, surf pool, sports pool and pool upstream.
Games in Water Park Royal City
Each game in this park is a journey and you yourself will be the owner, the tour-guide for your own in order to find your vault of fun.
- Slide tubes: As one of the world-class models, the slide tube system in the park is operated on the basis of the modern technologies and development in the world. This is most suitable for whom who desire to take risks and get their adventurous time in the Mall.
- Swimming pool combination: includes large pools, Jacuzzis and surfing pools, upstream pool, divingtanks and fountains. If you simply want to take a dip, or struggle with blue water, you should select "large pool" to as your stop. On the other hand, not noisy as the ocean waves, the “artificial waves” in Jacuzzis can surely satisfy you with their impressive journey. In other cases, if you are a fan of surfing but never once try on the surfing boards, surfing pool is an ideal choice for you. There are professional coaches who can help you enjoy your time in the best ways. Be invested in accordance with international standards of a practicing pool, upstream pool in Vinpearl Water Park Royal City can secure the best conditions for your practicing. The diving tanks also take you to a paradise when you experience the feeling of being thrown up before thrown down into the water.
How to get there?
Vincom Mega Mall Royal City lies at 12A Nguyen Trai Street, ThanhXuan District, Hanoi. Yu can go on a bus number 01, 02, 19, 21, 22, 27. Notice that if you go by motorbike, make sure to ask the guardian before finding the parking area.