What to eat

Green mango
The Green Mango restaurant is the perfect place for Western food in the center city area. Located in Hang Quat, the restaurant has a contemporary feel with a good western menu. The restaurant has a hip and posh feel to it without trying too hard like many other upscale restaurants in Hanoi. Since the menu focuses on western food, there is a limited selection of Vietnamese cuisine which is as equally tasty as the western dishes. 
Hanoi Social club
Walking by Hoi Vu Street, guests might overlook the seemingly dilapidated restaurant. However upon entering, Hanoi Social Club is interestingly designed with a 60s vibe of the old Hanoi. The restaurant is funky with many antiques and specially chosen lamps that create the whole vibe. According to the owner, many of the house feature built during the French era are kept. The restaurant has superb burger and chocolate cake. Additionally, the menu includes many interesting dishes internationally that hardly can be found in many places in Hanoi.
Located on Hanoi Tower, Jaspas is a place frequent by many expatriates in Hanoi. With contemporary but still laid back style, the restaurant is perfect for sport especially rugby since this is one of the few place in Hanoi that has the channel. Jaspas has fabulous steak and nachos. Beside that, it has a diverse Vietnamese and Western lunch buffet. The menu for dinner is quite diverse with dishes from around the world. The staff is always attentive and friendly toward customers. 
La Place
La Place is right at the middle of the Old quarter, just opposite the Cathedral, making it a perfect place to chill with a cup of coffee. The restaurant is designed in the café-style environment with delicious food you would typically found in a café: burgers, wraps or sandwiches. The best feature is to sit in the restaurant, sipping coffee or juicy fruit shake and enjoy the view. The restaurant is on the cheap affordable side so it will not break anybody’s bank to chill there all day.  
Originating from Singapore, Halia brings a good mixed of modern with traditional Vietnamese food. The level of service is impeccable with attentive and punctual waiters. The managers are hands-on with remembering customer’s names and requests. Though the menu is international, the chef makes it more toward Asian food with refreshing ingredients. The western classic like spaghetti or lamb is well prepared and succulent. In short, this small little place in Xuan Dieu is magnificent for whoever wants a taste of western in Hanoi