Hanoi Streets

To Tich in the old language means the white fibre mat. The name itself is quite a mystery as there have been no evidence of any trades either in making or selling fiber mats. There has been an assumption the river bank might have hosted a selling point of mats. However, the notable history record did not mention such a thing.
The remnant of the To Tich Hamlet was a communal temple at the corner. That is the house number 1 on To Tich Street. Usually a hamlet has its own guardian god and a story of how they were enshrined.  However, the urbanization and time took its toll on the temple. Little is known about its history. 
The street is not more than 100 meter long. The street got launched after 1920 during the urban planning by the French colonizers. Initially, the route from Hang Gai T-junction was very narrow. The road was not coated with asphalt. It was a messy combination of rocks and mud. It was difficult to move in rainy weather. To the left of the T-junction was a communal temple. Its name was Dong Ha which looked to the number of 46 Hang Gai Street. Next to the temple was an old tree. When the road went through expansion. The temple and then later the tree was demolished. The god’s name stack was something that the demolishers did not dare to destroy. Hence, they moved to stack to a tiny sanctuary box over a refreshment vendor’s tent. 
The ancient houses only last in a few on To Tich Street. At the end next to Hang QuatStreet is a two-story house built in 1912 by Dao Van Su- the head of Tri Tri Association. That was the first big house in the city. Next to the communal temple of To Tich is the family shrine of Pham Family. It was also a two-story house built in 1920. The Pham Family was actually a large clan at the street of To Tich. The number 20 used to an alley to the back of the complex at 80 Hang Gai which was also connected to Hang Chi Street. 
Today, To Tich is frequented by teenagers who come here to enjoy their favorite snack of fruit salad. This is a combination of mixed fruits, milk and coconut milk.