Hanoi Streets

The street was named after Nguyen Van Sieu- a genius in the time of Confucianism tradition. He was recognized as a talented scholar in his field of literature, history and general humanities. 
The street is 180 meters long. It used to be incorporated with the street of Ngo Gach before being separated to become An Sat Sieu which is actually an official title of Nguyen van Sieu. After the revolution of 1945 August, the name changed into Phuong Dinh. During the comeback of the French from 1946 to 1954, the street got the name of Nguyen Sieu. The takeover of peace changed the name with little variation- Nguyen Van Sieu as it is the full name of this respectable scholar.
On the even number side of Nguyen van Sieu is the remnant of the communal temple of Co Luong deep inside a small alley. The temple originally had a fair good size then shrunk down due to urban crawling. This the place where the protectorates of Nguyen Van Sieu rented their accommodation while studying with Nguyen Van Sieu. Phuong Dinh, the old house in which Nguyen Van Sieu taught his class was torn down paving the way for a sturdy two-storey house.
The end connecting to Dao DuyTuStreet was a long strip of adjacent houses at the back of Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hang Buom Street.
During the bloody comeback of the French into Hanoi in 1946, Nguyen Van Sieu was the back headquarter of a guerilla division until they drew back from the city to safety zones in the forest.